This guide is a quick reference to the archive situation for each episode of Doctor Who. For the sake of space (and the author's sanity) there will be no attempt to list any D3, Digital Betacam or 625 PAL 1" tapes which duplicate original archive material. Some episodes are either incomplete or unedited in their original forms, on that occasion a note will be made if a complete version does exist in another format. For example The Time Meddler episode 3 is missing portions on the film print and The Dæmons episode one lacks colour on the best available print. Both of these however exist in restored formats on D3.

Season One Season Ten Season Nineteen
Season Two Season Eleven Season Twenty
Season Three Season Twelve Season Twenty-One
Season Four Season Thirteen Season Twenty-Two
Season Five Season Fourteen Season Twenty-Three
Season Six Season Fifteen Season Twenty-Four
Season Seven Season Sixteen Season Twenty-Five
Season Eight Season Seventeen Season Twenty-Six
Season Nine Season Eighteen Extras

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