In the early seventies, Pamela Nash was in charge of maintaining BBC Enterprises' cache of telerecording prints. Initially, she had ordered the creation of many of the film negatives from the original videotapes. However by 1972, it was also Pamela Nash who ordered the destruction of many of the original prints. It is uncertain to this day whether Ms Nash was aware that she might be destroying a large portion of television history. This site pays homage to the episodes of Doctor Who now missing thanks to Pamela and her motto "No one wants them, they're only old black and white prints"!

The Doctor Who Gateway

Mark Parmerter's Guide to everything you wanted to know about missing Doctor Who episodes but were afraid to ask.

The Doctor Who Quick Archive

A simple to read listing of all the primary BBC archive holdings for Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who Audio and Video FAQ

Dominic Jackson has compiled a list of common questions and very detailed answers covering problematic Doctor Who archive issues.

The Disused Yeti Archive

Archive of the e-newsletter The Disused Yeti (formerly Change of Identity) containing many articles and interviews about early Doctor Who episodes

TV Technology

Peter Finklestone's pages detailing early recording methods for television featuring many examples from Doctor Who.

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